Group coaching and development programs are tailored to the organization’s goals. Rebecca engages with teams on topics like leadership presence, embodied leadership, self-awareness, resilience and alignment.

Rebecca recently facilitated a marvelous class on the Power of Posture for a team-building, wellness event at my company. Her style is inclusive, calming, inspiring and empathetic. As a result of Rebecca's class, the team has challenged one another to incorporate our learnings into both our personal and professional lives. Rebecca shared simple exercises and reminders for us to use throughout each day to align ourselves physically and mentally. I use these check-in exercises multiple times throughout my day to ensure I'm focused, relaxed and present!
– Jenny Brokaw, Principal

Rebecca recently gave a talk on the Power of Posture for us at Evernote. The talk was informative, inspiring and engaging. We came away with some innovative ideas for how to reduce stress and stay aligned and present at work. I highly recommend Rebecca as a speaker and trainer.
– Chazlee Azevedo, People Ops Program Manager


Rebecca led a workshop for the Marketing team at Tiny Prints to help us achieve peak performance through team building and managing/effecting change. We appreciated her holistic approach to this topic and found her suggestions applicable for both our personal and professional lives. We walked away with insights on on how to better get the results we want. It was definitely time well-spent.
– Anna Fieler, VP Marketing