Navy Seals use it: a Quick and Powerful Practice to Decrease Stress

Photo by Todd Turner on Unsplash

We are living in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Stress and falling off balance is inevitable. It can happen as quickly as an email that catches you off guard or an interaction that triggers you and makes you defensive. Wendy Palmer, a 6th degree black belt in Aikido describes a martial arts master who admits falling off center all the time. It’s not about whether or not you’ll lose center, but how quickly you can return to center once you’ve lost it. I first learned this practice as part of a yoga teacher training. I recently discovered that navy seals use it as well.
There may also be periods of time - seasons of stress - if you will, such as loss of a loved one, or birth of a new child, taking on a new job, undergoing surgery or facing a healing crisis that prolong this off-centered feeling. The recording below is a tool that can bring immediate relief in times of peak stress. You might listen before you have to have a difficult conversation or before you hit send on a super-charged email. Some like to listen during the morning or evening commute to be more intentional with the start of the day or to unwind and let it go when the day is done. This recording might also be used strengthen your resilience and self awareness when used over a longer period of time. Enjoy!